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My Message to the President Elect…

Dear President Elect Obama,

GET YOUR ASS TO GEORGIA!!  I say this with all due respect.  You are needed.  Go!  Lead!!  Show this country you know how to fight.  I’m not asking you for a win, I’m asking you to lead.

I’ll admit I’m perplexed by this.  Why are you there?  Why isn’t every single Democrat camped out in the state of Georgia?!?  You the leader of my party, the Democratic Party, and you need to get there by plane, car, or by train – I don’t care just get there.

I don’t buy this is risky politically.  Democrats have not done particularly well in the state of Georgia for the last 10 years.  You did not win the state of Georgia.  We are not talking about a Democrat possibly losing Massachusetts, which could be a little embarrassing.  We are talking Georgia. 

We are also talking about control of the United States Senate.  You are going to need the Senate’s help.  I wouldn’t worry about alienating Saxby Chambliss, he’s going to screw you every chance he gets whether you go campaign for Jim Martin or not…

So I implore you, do what’s right.  Go to Georgia!!  Give Jim Martin a helping hand.



Alyssa…Democrat who Cares…

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I know I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Jim Martin.

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