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Alaska Still Undecided?
November 12, 2008, 9:25 pm
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Apparently there are approximately 45,000 votes still to be counted in Alaska.  Fox is claiming Mark Begich has taken a 3 vote lead over convicted felon Ted Stevens.

First off, read that again!  Convicted FELON!  Seven felony accounts! 

I also would like to point out I got this from FOX NEWS, so I’m not entirely sure it’s accurate!

My last point to be made, lets all cross our fingers Begich wins…or we could end up listening to Sarah for the next 6 years in the Senate.  YIKES!!


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Gee, I’m sooo glad it’s a tight race!! This is just sad.

Comment by D

The people of Alaska would rather have Ted Stevens voted in, who they can then kick out to get a chance at a different conservative, instead of being stuck with a Democrat senator. Pretty good strategy to me. 😉

Go Senator Palin! 😀

Comment by theroadtoliberty

Well the people of Alaska don’t get to kick him out…the Senate does. And I’m not sure I’d give them that power. What happens if they don’t? You are stuck with a felon….well that is until he is sentenced to prison!

Comment by smartandfemale

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