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Military and Veterans Start to See Blue

Finally.  This is a phenomenon that I have wondered about for a long long time.  Why and how did the Republican Party get such a boost from the military and our nation’s veterans?  It’s not like more Republicans have served than Democrats, but the military members and veterans kept voting Republican.  It’s almost like they kept expecting the Republican Party to have their back, all the while many of them were screwing them daily. 

I was appalled in 2004 at the attacks on John Kerry and Max Cleland.  Both men served valliantly in Vietnam.  Hell, Max gave three limbs for his county yet the Republican Right questioned his patriotism time and time again.  It galled me greatly to see Saxby I didn’t serve a day Chambliss question Cleland’s ability to stand up for his country.  I kept shouting at the tv, “Hey asshole, he doesn’t have any legs because he ALREADY stood up for his country.”  Or when George “W”here the Hell was I Bush and the Swift Lying Ass Boaters raised questions about John Kerry and his service.  Even more of an irritant was the ever bloating and pill popping Limbaugh making such allegations.  That fat piece of shit avoided the war due to a boil on his ass.  How’s that for irony? 

Now, I’ll never make the claim that you have to serve in the military to prove you are a patriot.  Hell, you can teach, join the Peace Corps, become a police/fire/EMT, or just about anything else to better your country to show your patriotism.  Try exercising your right to vote, now that’s some patriotism!  But, man oh man, do I start getting hot when someone hints I am not a patriot because I question the government or don’t believe the same things they do.  I usually turn and say, “I picked up a gun and served my country asshole, until you do the same, SHUT THE HELL UP!”

I’m thrilled to see the military and other veterans voting for Democratic candidates.  All I can say is, took ya long enough!


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It was rare to find those in the military who were not Republican when I served. However, as you said, times are changing.

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