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Virginia’s Governor’s Race could get Interesting…

Well Virignia has a governor’s race coming up in 2009.  While the rest of the country is either still counting 2008 votes, or talking about 2010 and 2012 we’ve got a race that is beginning to show signs of life. 

Apparently the Republican running is Robert F. McDonnell.  He is a fiscal and social conservative.  On my side of the fence we’ve got Brian Moran, Creigh Deeds, and Terry McAuliffe (?) contemplating a run.  I’ve got a feeling this could get very very interesting.

I wonder though, now that Virignia’s gone blue…can it go back?!  Lets hope not!  I guess I’ve got some research to do in the next few weeks!


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It’s doubtful a Republican will be elected governor in the Commonwealth next year. Soros plants, ACORN fraud and Rokey Suleman throwing away votes he doesn’t like will make sure, at least in the near future, that VA stays Blue.

Comment by ginnypub

I guess you are alleging that the Democrats are stealing elections in Virginia. I initially was a little perplexed.

Soros…George Soros? The left’s version of Rupert Murdoch? Bummer that we’ve got some money now, huh? Although, I did a quick search and I didn’t see any money being given to Mark Warner, or to any Virginia candidates. I could be wrong. I’m not sure what a “Soros plant” is though.

As for ACORN, yeah, I saw some voter registration fraud, but NOT voter fraud. And there is a big difference between the two.

Rokey Suleman. Uh, can I just say…KATHERINE HARRIS?! And not counting military votes is nothing new. When I voted in the military my vote didn’t count either. My ballot was cast absentee from a ship, hence no post mark. The law clearly needs to be changed, but ye who live in glass houses should be damn careful before casting stone.

Comment by smartandfemale

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