Smart Liberal and Female


Okay so I’ll admit, I’m torn between exasperation and amusement as names for the Republican ticket are tossed out for 2012. Exasperated because, well, I’m over it. The election just ended and we are already talking about campaigning again?!? UGH! Amused…well…lets face it I’m not sure what the Hell Republicans are thinking right now!

We’ve all read that Sarah Palin is a possibility. Now I can think of a number of reasons why that’s amusing, but I’ll limit myself to three: 1.) She is not ready nor qualified, and in my opinion may never be; 2.) She’s far too polarized – likes small government when it comes to personal choices, but you betcha she LOVES those earmarks; 3.) Soon she’ll be about as memorable as Dan Qualye (seriously-what do we remember him for? Not being able to spell potato. What will we remember her for? I’d say her $150k-maybe more- wardrobe.)

I just read Robert Novak pimp Newt Gingrich for a 2012 run in the Washington Post. Now Mr. Novak admits grudgingly that it could be a long shot, but are you kidding me?!? This is the guy with the “Contract On America”…oopsi, meant “Contract With America”. Nah, I really meant Contract On America. This is also the guy many believe was responsible for such partisan fighting and petty grudges the government ended up being shut down. It’s been alledged he was pissed about being ignored on a flight. Do I need to go into his personal life? Hmmm…I shouldn’t but I will. Why? Well because he’s had such a good time ripping the Clinton family, you would think he’d lead an exemplary life. But guess what, he hasn’t! He left his first cancer stricken wife for wife number two, but all’s fair in love and war right? Needless to say he left her as well after having an affair with wife number three! So Newt, before you launch anymore morality attacks take a good hard look in the mirror. On a side note, wife number three may be stuck with him because I can’t think of anyone who’d want to see him naked!!

If they asked me, I’d say find a good message and you may find a good candidate. I somehow doubt any of them will be asking for my opinion!


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