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Conservatives Blame Moderate Republicans for Loses, HUH?

Or so says the right wing nut job Tony Perkins from the Family Research Council. He urges conservatives to get back to small government….of course unless you are talking about my body, my choice, my sex life, my marriage, or prayer!

Watch Christian leader Jim Wallis give him the what for… God forbid Christians focus on poverty and helping people rather than spreading hate and fear and bigotry.


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Bogotry and hate? Like your blog. I just love how the left loves to attack conservatives but they do the same thing. Conservatives have to conform to the left. The left never compromises. If we don’t allow for people to be the way they are we are bigots, racists, or untolerate. Hey here is an idea yall put a stop to the fairness doctrine when that comes up and then we will find common ground on another issue.I know yall are so concerned about other issues let’s prptect free speech first then we will talk about others. You mean help the poor like barack has helped his brother in Kenya. I’m just sick of how kind and considerate liberals all and everyone on the right is evil. Like yall have the market and yall are just sssoooo enlightened. Give me a break when it comes to conservatives the hate and venom that comes toward us is just so inspiring I just can’t contain myself. While writing this response I’ve decide to support this racist like yall supported The President of the United States. The audacity of freedom in all aspects of life. Personally as a Christian I don’t care what people do in their homes but don’t tell me how to think or what is right I don’t tell you that. Stop trying to destroy what the founding fathers built because of your personal hatred for Christians. And don’t be fooled this country was founded on Christians principles. What yall don’t get is that with this guy a purely socialist dead inside lost its soul society.

Comment by cpacek

Hey, buddy, let me tell you something. I’m a Christian. And guess what, I agree with Rev. Wallis on this one. And you’re only half right about this country being founded on Christian morals. Sure, to an extent, but it was founded more on political and personal freedoms, such as freedom of religion.

So, if some liberals hate Christians, well, deal with it. Until all Christians stop being, racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-semitic, and anti-evry other religion, then I’ll get to work on make all liberals stop hating Christians. And, don’t twist my words, I’m not saying all Christians are like that. But there are some, and it just so happens, those are the ones that tend to represent Christians in public forums.

How many Christian groups are pro-choice, or pro-gay rights? None that I can think of. There might be a few, but they never get press. However, the right-wing Christian groups protest dirty, and bitch and bitch and bitch when anyone asks them to exercise their right to free speech in a more positive or less offensive way. So, again, you start getting them to stop saying things like “God hates fags”, and putting up pictures of aborted fetuses, all bloody and disturbing, and I’ll get liberals to stop doing similar things.

First, you end the hypocrisy of the Christian right, and then, we can come together and find some common ground. But, until they open they’re minds and present arguments that are not blatant attempts to force their religion down other people’s throats, then they can all go to Hell.

Cheers. 🙂

Comment by phoenixofdiscordia

I don’t ever recall telling anyone how to think, it’s possible, but my posts represent what I think. Telling people how to think would be the extreme right wing. Gays don’t want us all to be gay, they’d just like so rights.

And for the record, I don’t hate Christians. I happen to be one. A lapsing one most of the time I admit. I just hate what some Christians have done with my religion. Ever notice how the crazy Christians are always quoting the Old Testament? Well jeez, why is that? Maybe because when you get to Jesus you’d have to practice and preach acceptance? I’d also like to ask how many references to homosexuality are there in the bible? How many references to adultry. I think if you went back and counted you’d see overwhelmingly adultry is admonished in the bible. Isn’t that a greater threat to the morality of our nation than homosexuality? Do I want to stone them, maybe. I’m kidding. No, but I am tired of the right doing whatever they want and pointing fingers at the rest of us.

I also would like to add, that many of our “Founding Fathers” were diests, not Christians. Chew on that one a while.

And third, I don’t ever recall being at an Obama rally (I went to one held by Bill Clinton, one by Hillary, and one by Obama) and ever remember anyone yelling “kill him”, “lynch him”, or anything of the like. Again, I didn’t attend all, but it didn’t seem to be a theme of the Obama campaign.

Comment by smartandfemale

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