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Who Pays $273,000 on Household Help? John McCain!
November 3, 2008, 10:28 pm
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These ads crack me up!  No wonder McCain wants to cement those tax cuts for the super wealthy!!


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Please open your eyes. Are you happy with the amount of taxes you are paying. You will pay more, and struggle more, under an Obama presidency. Our parents are depending on 401Ks that will go to nothing under Obama because he will take the life-blood out of the Corporations whose stock dividends feed those 401ks. Corporations do not pay taxes, but add those taxes into the cost of goods sold, raising the prices of their product on the market. If that price is too high they cannot compete and may go out of business. I assume you may work at one of those companies. Do you like getting a paycheck?

Comment by victory4mccain08

You logic confounds me. First off you are advocating for corporate America to get tax cuts, but want to screw the middle class? Uh…NO THANKS! Secondly, that’s called trickle down economics, and I think we’ve all seen how well that DOESN’T WORK!!!

All I can say is…Change is coming to a theater near you…SOON!!

Comment by smartandfemale

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