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Is Senator Hatch Confused…or Just a Moron?

Apparently Orrin Hatch (Republican Utah Senator) is alleging that the United States will lose its stature with the world if Barack Obama is elected president. 

Hmmm…you mean we lost our stature when George W. Bush was elected?  Or how the world views us could be worse if John McCain and Sarah Classless Palin were elected?  I think Senator Hatch needs to take a good look around and see if he’s lucid or delusional. 

His only lucid moment was when he admits that the middle class mean nothing to the Republican Party, except as a sound bite.


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Coming from the man who said “I do know dumb-ass questions when I see dumb-ass questions.”

I’d expect nothing less

Comment by Son of Bill Brasky

Ask anyone of these people where the jobs are that the Bush tax cut created. Where are the jobs?

Tax cuts creating jobs is a myth. Never happens.
All we have from Bush economics is higher unemployment..inflation..weak economic crisis..oh yeah..and a couple wars financed on FOREIGN dollars.

Comment by Son of Bill Brasky

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