Smart Liberal and Female

Holly and Alyssa’s Excellent Campaign Adventures…

I can’t believe we are 2 days out!  Whew!  I want to say a big thanks to Holly!  This election ramp up has been all kinds of fun.  First off, it’s been so great to share this experience with someone who feels as strongly as I do.  Second of all, it’s be even better to be able to have that outlet for the frustrations, excitement, and journeys. 

Holly and I have:  canvassed neighborhoods here in Springfield, VA, attended Bill Clinton’s rally for Obama at VCU in Richmond, VA, attended the Barack Obama rally in Leesburg with our girls, and most recently we went to see Hillary Clinton and Gerry Connolly speak at George Mason University right here in Fairfax County! 

Here’s some more rally photos!  This is Holly holding the famous sign…When Women Vote Democrats Win!  This sign has been with us since the VCU Rally!!

And here’s our future’s Vice President and President waiting patiently in Leesburg, Va waiting to get into the Obama rally.  Em wants to be a “rock star” and Zo wants to be an “author of children’s books” and “dog breeder”, but I can always hope…  Thanks to Hillary Clinton, the sky is the limit for future women!


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