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McCain Can Ask, Doesn’t Mean Virginia Will Deliver!

John McCain was in Newport News, Va asking Virginians to help elect him President of the United States.  Well ask away old man, I’m not sure we’re buying!  Obama is leading Virignia right now with a 6 1/2 point lead. 

I’m on my way to knock on some doors!


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Hiya!! I read your comment on Marg & Helen’s page! I’ll be reading yours now also! Great minds think alike, LOL! When I saw that godless ad put out by “Liddy” Dole, eee gads. Maybe it’s time the LID was put on her for good. I find the saddest part to be that I roar with cautious laughter in disbelief when I see the levels these peeps will sink to, but then realize, a whole lotta peeps out there are buying this load of crap they see on Faux News!

I keep trying to avoid getting into political discussions where I volunteer (2 of us against 6 of “them,” and in chat). But with the hope that ONE mind will be enlightened, I stick in my two cents, then the stomach pains start when I see that “glazed look” in their eyes and realize they’ve been “HIP-MO-TIZED” by the Billo O’Reillys and Hannitys of the world. And DON’T get me started on that fricking cocktail-dress-wearin’ freak Coulter! (I have a beaute about her and Billo on my blog pix.)

It’s fantastic so many people are driving peeps to the polls to vote. BUT, knowing several people who back Insane McCain, is it justifiable to let the air out on their tires on the morning of Nov. 4th? Hum…”But your Honor, it was the patriotic thing to do!”

Anticipating Obama’s win on Tuesday, I dread only ONE thing: we will all have to hear ourselves spouting to all these Insane McCain/Peppy Palin peeps over and over for four years regarding Obama: “Um, he’s YOUR president, too!”

Have a visit to my visual blog…(and my Dweezil the Fat Cat campaign video…DemoCat for Prez). It’s a hoot! Keep writing! The material they supply us with is too good to pass up!!!

Comment by drbuzzieboombatz

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