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McCain’s Full of Crap and so is His Campaign!

Apparently the Obama Campaign as well as the McCain Campaign were in Pennsylvania today.  McCain’s political director Mike Duhaime (you may remember him from the failed Giulliani campaign) claims that Democrats are reaching out to other Democrats and leading them to John McCain.  He also alleges that bus loads of Dems came in from New Jersey and New York to see John McCain. 

Well Duhaime, I’m calling your bluff.  I say you are full of shit.  I’m calling you a liar!!  But hey, you seem to be a great loser, so keep on with your big bad self. 

I’m also amused by what the McCain campaign is trying to sell for health care.  Individuals will get a $2,500 tax credit and families will get a $5,000 tax credit to purchase insurance.  Uh, too bad you can’t buy health insurance for that, unless you are talking a simple major med policy, which only covers catastrophes not routine visits or medication.  But whatever, I know you don’t deal in facts now do ya??? 

I also would like to point out the campaign has not been toting they plan on taxing the health insurance you get from your employer.  Jeez guys, that’s great.  Lets give the wealthy more tax cuts and tax the shit out of me. 

That’s right working class middle Americans, John McCain and his fellow Republicans want to tax your health care!  While Barack Obama is talking about middle class tax cuts, John McSame wants to screw you some more!!!

Thanks, but no thanks Senator McCain, I’m going to vote for Obama!!!


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Just remember, “Obama will raise your taxes”. However, Obama has stated time and time again, that he will do no such thing. McCain is throw the attention away his crappy policies by promoting falsehoods on Obama. Such crap. However, many apparently like to buy crap.

Comment by D

Smartandfemle – Guess the only time you grant a response is if it agrees with your thinking? I’ll keep checking, but I don’t see anyone you have granted modification on your site unless it’s a democratic viewpoint…prove me wrong and I’m happy to recant (that is if it’s before the date of this post).

Comment by dpwllc007

Okay. I’m replying to this post first, although I know it was your second, I hope you are okay with that.

I hadn’t responded because I was at work. I’m part of the working class. I do not read/check my blog during the work day. I kinda figure the government pays me a wage to work not blog…I’m sure you get my point.

I have had people write on my blog I do not agree with. I have posted all but one, and it was obscene even for my taste. If you look back through you will see their comments. In addition, I did respond to most of them. I was even called a fascist by a liberal! So apparently I don’t always even please my “own” people.

I think I’ve addressed all of your concerns here?!

Comment by smartandfemale

I’m also a parent, so as soon as I get home I don’t always get right to my blog. We have homework, instrument to practice, and reading to do! Not to mention the Halloween costume I still need to wash and press. Laura Ingalls costume is cute, but a lot of work. In fact she’s calling me now to help her wash her hair, so I’ll respond to your other comment shortly.

Comment by smartandfemale

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