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Barack Obama…So Many Reasons to Cast Your Vote Blue

Obama speaks to a crowd in Canton, Ohio.  Listen to his compelling speech.  I thought it had a very FDR feel to it, bringing hope back to so many who’ve been without.

Get out and VOTE!!!


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I am not an Obama fan. Nor am I really a McCain fan. But what I am a fan of is this election being over. I have seen nothing but devisive behavior, negative attitudes, arguements, and poor sportsmanship on both sides since this whole thing started. All I can really say is shame on the american people and shame on the political process as a whole that has gotten us to this point in our country!

Comment by lwayswright

Lets see . We dont want to answer the hard questions. We want you to follows us like SHEEP . We dont want you to see the tape . We want you to give us your HARD earned money so we can give it out to those who have not earned it. We want to raise taxes when the dollar is down. We want you to follow US LIKE SHEEP.

America dont go BA BA we are not sheep . If he is so truthful then ANSWER THE HARD QUESTIONS. SHOW US THE TAPE. Bums voting with no proof of address Acorn and its fraudulent registrations. Acorn trained by Obama. Can we say flim flam man. Snake oil salesman .The DNC ha shad controll of congress for 2 years they made this mess. Dont give away this great NATION. If we do then this great Nation will pay .

Comment by sfokc6125

I pose a question to you…95% of the American pulbic do not pay income taxes, only about 60% actually pay. The rest do not. Is Barack going to give a tax break to those 40% that don’t pay? If so, then is that money coming from MY paycheck? If so, then why would this 40% ever have an incentive to get off their butts and find a job? Their getting free money on top of the already free money they are get now. If you don’t agree with the figures fine, but 95% do not pay, this is a FACT. Just wondering becasue all a beautiful speech really is…is a beautiful speech.

Comment by Chris

lwayswright…I can appreciate that you are disillusioned with the campaigns right now. I know how you feel. I hate the personal attacks. But I would urge you to ask yourself who launched those attacks in 2000. When Al Gore didn’t go there, he lost an election. Again in 2004, who launched those attacks. Again, John Kerry stuck to his message, ignored the attacks, and lost. Remember those swift boat vets.

I’ll admit I was spoiling for a fight this election. I was concerned that Barack Obama did not have it in him to fight back, and fight dirty. The McCain Campaign made it personal. Remember, the “terrorist” fist bump? Or accusing Obama of palling around with terrorists? Or accusing him of being Muslim. Now, McCain did respond with no maam he’s not he’s a decent person, a Christian, but quite frankly he led those people there! And seriously what is wrong with being a Muslim? Granted we’ve seen and heard about some pretty bad “Muslim” dudes aka terrorists a lot, but can we look at Christians and say they are all good?

I urge you to become engaged. To listen to the candidates message. I’m hoping you will see that the Obama-Biden ticket is bringing hope, rather than hate and fear.

Comment by smartandfemale

sfokc6125: To be honest, I’m not even sure what to say to your post. I don’t consider myself a sheep. I don’t consider the Obama supporters to be sheep. I’m sure some of them are, but many of them are like me. We work hard. We are tired of seeing the super wealthy get tax cuts. We are tired of watching companies pollute and then shrug their shoulders with a slap on the wrist. We have kids in public schools that desperately need funding. We watch 1/3 to 1/2 of our income go to taxes and health care, and consider ourselves damn lucky we have it, with so many without. We hope we can save enough to buy a house. We hope we can send our children to college, and that they have a better life than we do. I guess if believing in that makes me a sheep, then so be it.

Okay to respond to your second statements, the DNC and Congress. The Democrats, not the DNC control Congress. Sorry, I kinda felt you deserved to smacked with your own stupidity. They have barely held a majority for 22 months. Uh, the mortgage crisis has been coming for quite a while, in part due to deregulation that many Republicans have supported for years. I would also like to point out no one has voted, moron. Some workers for ACORN submitted fraudulent voter registrations. That voter registration fraud, not voter fraud. Now, if you associate that with Obama and blame him, I’m perplexed. Did he force them to do that? Because my drivers ed teacher taught me to drive, is it his fault I got that speeding ticket 2 years ago.

Grow up.

Comment by smartandfemale

And Chris, back to you. Although, you were a little tricky submitting comments under two different names!

Youa are absolutely right, the 95% getting a cut do not all have a tax liability. The numbers though for those without tax liability are about 35%. They consist primarily of the elderly, disabled, and famlies. They do pay some tax though…social security and medicare.

Lets assume that the elderly have paid taxes for most of their life, so can we leave them alone on this?

And the disabled, well jeez. I can’t really see picking on them either.

As for families. I would like to point out that some of them are military families. Did you know that many military families qualify for welfare…ie food stamps. Now that’s a damn shame, but it’s true. I have served my country and with one child, we qualified for assistance. I kinda feel like we should leave them out of this as well. I mean hello, they are protecting our freedom, right?

Now for other famlies struggling…if that means I pay a little more so be it. I’d rather see it go to them than fat cats. But that’s just me.

And here’s the list of likely non payers that get refunds…those receiving social security benefits, disability benefits, and those receiving deceased veteran survivor benefits. Not such a bad group. I’ve included a link below you to view.

Do I think there are some that scam the system, sure as with anything in life. Do I think there are those that don’t take it even though they qualify sure. Am I glad it’s there for those who need it most, you are damn right I am.

Thanks for playing.

Comment by smartandfemale

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