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Obama: Not IF He Wins…but how BIG of a WIN!!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, but one of my favorite websites is Charlie Cook’s.  That is where I go for goord analysis.  Not biased self serving analysis, but well thought out coverage.  I only wish he’d update and post more.  I’m greedy what can I say.  I, however, am not going to jail for my greed like the good Senator Stevens may be.  Okay, that was a cheap shot, but still fun and that’s what matters most…my enjoyment.  And while I enjoy the Cook Political Report for its unbiased content, I’ve never claimed to be unbiased myself and it’s my blog so get off my ass already!

Now Charlie Cook has not said in anyway the election is over.  He has merely pointed out it would take something huge for McCain to win.  He has also predicted 7 Senate seats for the Dems and 20 House seats. 

Both would be great, but hey I’m greedy, I want 9 Senate seats and 30 House seats.  Just to show I can be not greedy, I’ll take 9 Senate seats and 20 House seats.  Then my people can tell Joe I’m a Real Asshole Lieberman to take a flying leap!


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