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Where’s the Love for Franken?

The Minneapolis Star Tribune has apparently endoresed Norm Coleman for Senate.  When I heard this I was shocked.  Sickened.  And not quite sure I believed it.  My husband broke the news to me this morning, thankfully after I had had some coffee.  So I got online to verify (yes sometimes I hope what’s he’s saying is not true), but it was.  UGH.

First off, I’ve lived in Minnesota for a considerable amount of time.  Now, I’ve lived in 8 states, but I still consider the Midwest to be “home”.  I also consider Paul Wellstone to be one of my few political heros.  I can still remember when he spoke on my college campus, and when I was in DC visiting the Senator was thrilled to see me.  I mean the guy came bounding up to shake my hand!  It was a pretty exciting moment for me.  I’d always been interested in politics, but that was probably the turning point for me.  I decided I was no longer just going to vote, I was going to engage. 

My favorite Wellstone quote, “Politics is not about power.  Politics is not about money.  Politics is not about winning for the sake of winning.  Politics is about the improvement of people’s lives.  it’s about advancing the cause of peace and justice in our country and in our world.  Politics is about doing well for people.”  There are very few politicians that not only say it, but live it.  Paul Wellstone was one of those few. 

All I can say, as a Wellstone Democrat, is how, how on earth could the Star Tribune support Norm the Worm Coleman???  This guy ran politicing Paul Wellstone’s death.  He has continually run filthy ads.  Hell, he ran them against Wellstone when he was alive! 

Tell Norm Coleman you believe politics are for helping people and send him packing!


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Like your blog…we had similar experiences with Senator Wellstone. I had the opportunity to meet him a few times. I even rode on his famous green bus while working for Gerry Sikorski’s campaign in 1992. Keep up the good work. I like everything you write!!!

Comment by liberalrag

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