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Republicans for Obama?

Perhaps the next big group to form??  We’ve got veterans for Obama.  Hispanics for Obama.  Women for Obama.  But REPUBLICANS FOR OBAMA??  Why the Hell not??

Well we all saw Colin Powell take the step towards a new tomorrow.  Then Arne Carlson (former Governor of Minnesota) stepped up.  Then former Massachusetts Governor William Weld.  Next in line…Larry Pressler (former Senator South Dakota). 

In my mind the Repubican Party has become so filled with hate, so polarizing, there is little room for anyone.  I’ll be curious after getting the ass whooping they deserve come November what they decide to do.  Do they continue down the same path that has caused them to lose the Senate, House, and ultimately the White House, or do they reinvent themselves?


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Why shouldn’t Republican leaders be fine with Obama? He’s voted for reauthorizing the Patriot Act, for FISA, for the bailout, he’s going to continue the war on terror and on drugs. He hasn’t said anything about the “Copyright Czar” they’ve just created to help ensure the govt is working on behave of big business. He certainly not going to do shit to open up elections to allow third party candidates have an equal chance or weaken the two party system. They see what most of us see, Obama will likely be the next president, and they might as well get on board with him so they can appear to work with both parties. As long as he plans to be the next Bush, why not buddy up to him?

Comment by Jon

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