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Gone Rogue…or Gone Sarah??

So apparently there is more angst and concern in the McCain-Palin Campaign.  Sarah is apparently crafting her own message at times. 

Will the real Sarah Palin please stand up?  Or maybe sit down, and shut the Hell up.  From what I’ve seen I’m not impressed.  I’m not impressed with her handlers.  I’m not impressed with her.  I’ve watched her fumble through an interview with Katie Couric.  I mean seriously if the fluff ball of news can rattle your cage maybe you are in the wrong field.  No offense intended Katie.  I’ve watched her explain to 3rd graders what a Vice President does…and God knows those kids teachers for the next ten years are going to have a hard time setting them straight.  I’ve watched her simply appear at a Vice Presidential debate where she said little to nothing and preened for the camera, yet still got a free pass I might add.  I’ve watched in horror as she leads a crowd down a hateful path, and they respond with hate filled crazy, and she giggles nervously.

The only thing I’m certain she knows is that she’s from Alaska.  Well I say good riddance – take you and your crazy back to Alaska.  They can have you back!

I’m not sure why the McCain people are worried by this.  I mean, yeah, most of us know she’s not ready nor will she ever be ready, but she’s doing exactly what she was picked to do.  Make outrageous statements that incite anger and fear.  Rally the nutballs within the Republican Party.  Pick off some former Clinton supporters…that the Republicans are hoping are too stupid to realize that Sarah Palin has NOTHING in common with Hillary Clinton except sharing a gender. 

I say when you pick crazy, you get crazy.  Thanks John!


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It is interesting that you have that much anger toward Sarah Palin. It seems main street liberals forget or choose to ignore the fact that Sarah Palin is the ONLY canidate with executive experience and they spend more time bashing her than listening to her. I find it so interesting that she is and the Republican party is pointed at as the root of al evil. Things were good for a long time with the economy and jobs until we got a Democratic congress in who has controlled things. The President cannot do anything without the help of congress our method of checks and balance so YEA let’s get a Completely Democratic controlled gvt from the President on down! Let’s Share the Wealth!

Comment by Nlayko

I’m sorry, but her “executive experience” of running a tiny state (in terms of population) backed up by her small town mayorship and lack of any kind of reputable education is enough for me to give a big thumbs down to finding her qualified.

I just find her to be a complete whack job who will only further the hatred that many people feel towards our country. Nevermind the fact that I completely disagree with her on so many, many, MANY things, if we’re concerned that we’re lagging behind China and other countries in terms of the education we provide our children, should our number two really believe dinosaurs coexisted with us only 6000 years ago?!?!? Really??? If we want to improve our relationships with other countries, shouldn’t we visit them??? If we hope to model integrity, shouldn’t we use our powers ethically??? If we want to encourage the advancement of women, shouldn’t we SUPPORT them??? If we want to be taken seriously, shouldn’t we act like it instead of flirt with tv cameras and use our sexuality to garner attention??? I could give two crap heaps about her executive experience. She’s a fear-feeding, small-minded person who is using anything, everything, and anyone to try to climb her own ladder. She is an embarrassment, and that the world sees us lifting her up as a serious contender is only second to rising the bile in my throat. First is that John McCain has minimized the importance of our safety and security to a willingness to risk it all in order to play a cheap trick and get uninformed, ignorant people to follow after her like pathetic puppies. The whole thing makes me want to vommit. As if she was the best choice…. Gross.

Comment by Holly

Anger towards Sarah Palin…I guess that is true. I’d just hate to leave out contempt. I fundamentally dislike her as a person and that has little to do with politics. You’ll note I wrote an article about Senators in trouble and I did not attack Elizabeth Dole. I may not always agree with her political views, but I find her to be a very classy senator, woman, and human. I am not able to say the same for Sarah Palin.

Comment by smartandfemale

the McCain camp has been sending mixed signals since it’s inception… Sarah Palin can’t even keep up with McCain’s endless wavering between “straight talker” and crooked politician

Comment by patrick

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