Smart Liberal and Female

That’s so Sweet…NOT!

Okay.  I’m not sure what is wrong with that lady.  No, I am sure.  She’s an idiot and a LIAR.  Okay, some may argue I shouldn’t really call Congresswoman Bachmann names.  I full heartedly disagree.  She goes off on this crazy rant about Barack Obama being Un-American…or Anti-American.  Then she starts another crazy spiel about leftist liberals and the like.  Then she wants the press to do an investigation into her fellow Congress Members to see who is Anti-American.  That’s crazy.  Stupid.  Idiotic. 

Then she goes on the next day to say she didn’t say it.  Well too bad for you ditz brain you were on tv.  We heard you say it.  We watched you say it.  And guess what you can go to YouTube and watch it for yourself!  So uh…LIAR! 

Then she decides to let everyone know she’s going to apologise by ad.  Hmmm…by ad?  I often apologise by ad.  NOT.  Then the crack pot makes the ad, and guess what NO REAL APOLOGY!!




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AHHHH Evil Crazy-eyed lady!!!!! Make her go away!!

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