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Apparently Joe the Plumber is considering running for Congress.  Tell me this is a joke.  This is Cindy Sheehan type of crazy.  Pay your god damned taxes moron!


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where do you get off comparing this horse shit to cindy sheehan? since when did “smart, liberal females” insult those who speak up for the rights of all? unless of course they are pelosi style liberals…liberal morally, but fascistically conservative in all other regards.

Comment by padri

One person’s horse shit is simply another person’s horse shit I suppose. In that sense, Joe and Cindy have something in common. The sad reality is that we look to these types in making our own decisions. If Cindy Sheehan knew how to act like a respectable adult, she wouldn’t leave the impression that she does on so many people. If Joe wasn’t exaggerating his liklihood of buying a business just to get in a jab, he would still be making the headlines instead of being hushed as an unlicensed plumber who is behind in his taxes. Who knows though. charles Barkley may just become the governor of Alabama one day soon. I’m sure that there are plenty of people who will dislike him too.

Comment by Holly

Well is Joe the Plumber a piece of horse shit? Probably. I do find him to be an opportunist, but hey who isn’t?

Now do I like Cindy Sheehan. Not really. I find her to be sad. I’m sorry she lost her son in a war I’ve never supported nor understood. I can’t imagine how she must feel. I was rooting for her as she camped outside of the Bush Family Ranch. What I don’t understand is where she is going with all this. First of all, her son enlisted. And while she may not agree with his choices or the Presidents, it was his choice. He was not drafted. When you enlist you know you may end up going to war. It’s the choice you make when you enlist. I feel very comfortable saying this, having enlisted in the Armed Services myself.

I think Cindy could have done a better job ralling people behind her than jumping on board her own crazy train. I think Cindy Sheehan could have picked a better candidate to attack than Nancy Pelosi. That’s just my opinion.

Now it’s taken me a bit to respond. I’ve had some irate Republicans on here, but you would be my first angry liberal. I wasn’t quite sure how to respond. I will say that this is the first time I’ve been likened to a facist, but uh…ok.

Comment by smartandfemale

Cindy Sheehan is far from crazy. She is a level headed person who has had enough.

I hope Ms. Sheehan can beat a corrupt, genocidal racist, heterosexist, Bush Republican like Nancy Pelosi who pretends to be a Democrat.

Comment by libhomo

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