Smart Liberal and Female

Dear Joe,

I had a comment in a previous post that I thought was better suited to a whole entry so here it goes.  I guess my letter to “Joe” be it six pack or plumber…

Dear Joe,

First off, I’m glad that you are working toward your dream.  You should really pay your taxes.  They fund your roads, your schools, and your fire/police/emergency services.  Second of all, they may go to fund a child’s lunch.  Now why should you care about that child and if they get lunch or not?  Well maybe that’s the only meal that child gets in a day.  Again, why do you care?   Because you are human, that’s why.  They may also go to providing that child health care.   Why should you care?  Well Joe, I’m going to remind you that you are human, again, because it’s a pretty important point.  Second of all, all children should get health care.  Those immunizations protect your children who may be in school with that child. 

What else do your taxes fund Joe?  Well besides all of the above mentioned, it may provide for some government grants.  You know, the ones that build fire stations.  Or the ones that build waste water treatment facilities that make sure your drinking water doesn’t contain the pooh you flush.  Or perhaps goes toward loan funds that provide for high speed Internet services in your neighborhood.  Man, that Internet is a useful tool when you have a business.

And Joe, I know Sarah and McCain would like you to think that Obama is a socialist, liberal elitist.  But hey Joe, do people that work hard and struggle toward their dreams spend $150,000 on clothing?  Or are they like me, and possibly you, and wonder where they get $50 for Nike shoes for their kids…never mind having new shoes yourself.  I’m not going to argue that the Obamas aren’t well off.  They are.  They’ve worked pretty hard to realize their dream.  However, they aren’t talking down to you in hopes you’ll be fooled by what they are trying to do. 

Now Joe, I know there’s been some allegations that Obama is a liberal.  And you know what, he is.  So am I.  I’m proud of it.  I support school spending and raises for hard working teachers.  I support health care for everyone.  I also believe that people sometimes need a helping hand.  What Senator McCain and Governor Palin are hoping is that you are uneducated and stupid and that you equate lending a helping hand with socialism…and then make the link to communism.

And if Sarah and John are so afraid to let the government aide everyday working Americans who are having tough times, or they don’t think money should be spent on safe drinking water, ask them why it’s okay to bail out wallstreet?

Joe, I know that because you don’t wear fancy clothes, drive a normal car, and work for a living doesn’t mean you can’t grasp this concept.  I’m going to go vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden because they are talking to me and they are talking about hope for tomorrow’s future rather than spreading hate and fear and talking at me.  I hope you’ll join me and millions of American’s just like me and take a step towards a better future.

Keep saving for that business, work hard, and maybe someday you’ll be well enough off that you will be thankful and grateful your tax money can give another person a chance!!


United States Navy 1996-2000


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