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Joe Six Pack Has $150,000 Wardrobe?


Joe the Plumber and Joe Six Pack seem to have little in common with Sarah Palin…unless they too have over a hundred thousand dollars to drop on clothes…

Oh, wait!  Sarah didn’t buy the clothes.  Jeff Larson bought the duds.  Well, the RNC did reimburse him…well done.  I wonder if I gave money to the RNC how I’d be feeling about that money right now? 

And lets not forget our good friend Mr. Larson was invovled in another interesting bit of clothing scandal…remember the good Senator Coleman and the suits he won’t answer for!!


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Sick, isn’t it?

Comment by D

Joe, although you are not vetted, not licensed, not current on taxes, and not liberal, I understand that the real issue isn’t about you … it’s about Obama’s “answer” to your question … but so many people have already forgotten that Obama is a socialist… they need to be careful what they pray for because they might just get it ………..

socialism – it’s what we fight for….

sounds so wrong – doesn’t it .. ?

Comment by McArthur

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