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It’s Time for the United Nations and the World to Step Up

Normally I start my blogs with some type of snarky comment, or witty (what I think is witty) retort.  I have none for this subject.  I am talking about the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

I’m often amazed at what woman are able to endure.  I am often appalled by what they have to endure.  I am often horrified at what people are able to do to eachother.  Daily.  Over and over again.  Time and time again.  I ask myself, when will it stop.  I do not understand how in the year 2008 we can have these types of crimes being committed against so many and the world does so little. 

Where is our moral decency?  Where has the idea of humanity gone to?  Are we people or are we monsters?


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I’m a huge follower of Jane Goodall’s work. (If I were rich, I’d go to Gombe in a second). From that, I do keep tabs on the Great Apes of Congo and have been greatly disheartened to the senseless killing of gorillas that has been going on for years. Not to mention, with the civil war going on, Park Rangers cannot even protect the gorillas due to their own lives being at risk. So, I’m not surprised about the women of Congo.

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