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Another Republican Jumps on Board the Crazy Train!

Is it me, or are we seeing a theme? 

First Governor Palin makes statements about Obama “palling around with terrorists”.  Then she goes on to say she likes visiting the pockets of “real America”.   A spokeswoman from the McCain campaign (Nancy Pfotenhauer) goes on to talk about the “real Virginia”.  Next we’ve got Crazy Congresswoman Bachmann from Minnesota saying that Obama and other members of Congress are “Anti-American”.  Then she says she didn’t say it…but we all know you did!!  Liar (still fun for me)!!  And now we’ve got Congressman Robin Hayes from North Carolina saying “liberals hate real Americans that work and accomplish and achieve and believe in God.”  Then he says he didn’t say it, but again WE KNOW YOU DID!!  LIAR MCLIAR PANTS – I gotta say, still fun!

So Liberals are Anti-American, live in “fake Virginia”, hate America, and lets not forget we hate working people and God too!!  These are good times.  Do they pass out crazy water at Republican conventions?  Is there a special class they take? 

I will go as far to say not all Republicans are saying this stuff.  There are even a few that are running from it or speaking out against it, but where are the rest of them? 

The crazy train is moving full steam ahead…who’s next?  Any ideas???


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I have friends who are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Two Republican friends of mine are no longer Republicans. They jumped ship and registered as Democrats three weeks ago. So… perhaps that’s where you’ll find ’em… as Independents and Dems.

Comment by D

Oh boy! Joe McCarthy days are back again! Hello Josephine! Interesting that Lehman Brothers went down to the tube with two Bushies on board. If anyone needs to be investigated for being anti-American, it’s that family.

Comment by metalgoddess

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