Smart Liberal and Female

Congresswoman Bachmann, YOU ARE A LIAR!

That’s right I will say it again for good measure (and because, well it’s fun). 


First of all lets go through the article…”

Despite the way the blogs and the Democratic Party are spinning it, I never called all liberals anti-American, I never questioned Barack Obama’s patriotism, and I never asked for some House Un-American Activities Committee witch hunt into my colleagues in Congress.”

She called into question his values and beliefs.  Calling into question his judgement.  She also called him the most liberal.  Then she goes on to say Anti-American is the point.  So uh…Congresswoman, how about you take your ignorant ass…go to utube…and watch your self say the above statement.  Then she goes on to say she’d love for the press to investigate her House colleagues to see who’s un-American.  I would repeat Congresswoman Bachmann seems to have a very short memory for the stupid things that come out of her mouth. 

So I guess the bottom line is I am calling Congresswoman Bachmann a liar and stupid.  Wow, that felt good.  Intellectual dishonesty will not be tolerated.  We are going to continue to donate to your opposition!  We are going to send you packing!  And look Congresswoman Bachmann…I’ve pasted it below if you are too stupid to use a computer.

And guess what STUPID?!?  We like being liberal.  We are proud to be liberal.  And we’re not going to let filth like you pretend it’s a bad word and sit silently by.   

And apparently you can find anti-Americans on college campuses.  Huh?  I usually find people trying to educate themselves…or drink themselves into a stupor…but that’s just me. 

And guess what else crazy…Liberals LOVE America.  We love it so much we question, criticize, and speak out in hopes we’ll make it better.


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Thank you for putting the video up!!! No Scientologist can watch this and claim that mental illnesses are a farce!!

Comment by D

I am saddened in Bachmann for her comments on MSNBC!! Dangerous views of the country and world. What makes me sadder is that she received her education in Minnesota, that system produced her. This is absolutely unintelligent. Democrats and Republicans should toss her out she is not fit to be in any elected position, school board, city , county, State and Federal government.

Comment by will offerman

Having been educated in Minnesota myself I am puzzled. I think maybe someone has been spiking her water…with what…God only knows. What I am a Liberal…do I have a God?!

Comment by smartandfemale

If you believe the garbage being put out about Bachmann then you are being lead like sheep by journalists like Mathews. Are you people also offended by Bachmann’s claim that William Aires and Rev. Wright are un-American? You’re boy, Biden, doesn’t even have confidence in Obama. He seems to realize that a vote for Obama is a welcoming invitation for an American assault.

Comment by John

I’m not sure what your point is. I watched the garbage being put out by Congresswoman Bachmann…unless that wasn’t really her I saw spewing hate and crazy rhetoric??

Comment by smartandfemale

One would think that a politician on TV would realize that there would be footage of what she actually said. It would have been better if she had owned up to what she said and apologized instead of using the excuse that it was a trap. Hopefully the people in her district will give her the opportunity to relive her big 15 minutes of fame by sending her packing. We need people who understand the concept of agreeing to disagree and have discussions based on facts instead of always wanting to throw labels like un-American, socialist and terrorist when others don’t totally agree with your positions. It is time for a change because divisive politics, scare tactics and race baiting need to end in 2008.

Comment by Pro-American

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