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Powell Endorses Obama, and Sets Record Straight About Hate Speech

I watched Colin Powell this morning on Meet the Press.  I think the best part of the endorsement was setting the Obama and is he a Muslim rhetoric straight.  Mr. Powell was very clear that Obama is not Muslim, however the point he made was…And so what if he were?

Now we’ve seen John McCain correct many a person on this fact.  However, he has never made the critical point that it shouldn’t matter either way.  We watched Mitt Romney face these questions as he made his run in the primary.  Now Governor Romney is Mormom, which doesn’t appear to be as repugnent as being Muslim, but his relegion was very much in play for questioning.

I don’t think we can judge a person based on religion.  If we did, Christians would be thought of as horrible people too.  Think about it.  The KKK is a “Christian” organization.  Hitler was a “Christian”.  Timmothy McVeigh (Oklahoma bomber)…Christian.  It is time we wake up in this country and accept that there are many colors, religions, and ethnic groups.  Our great Constitution allows for that.  Lets celebrate in the fact that we are one of the most diverse nations in the world.


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