Smart Liberal and Female

“I Love Being the Underdog”

Okay.  Uh…what’s he gonna say?  I love getting my ass whooped by Barack Obama?  I’m old and I know this is my last chance to run for President…nah, I’m not bitter?  Losing is a great time?

Seriously, if Senator McCain loved being the underdog he’d focus on why he was the best qualified rather than attacking Obama the way he has been.  Or maybe that’s why he likes being the underdog, he gets to be as ugly and as hateful as he wants. 

Or as I go out there for good reasons to be an underdog…Palin claims of being a pitbull make him feel left out…he too wants a dog reference.


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I agree. I’ve been saying for weeks now that I hate the idea of people voting for McCain based on lies. McCain’s latest is the one about Obama’s tax cuts being welfare! And the people who are voting for him believe that crap?


Comment by gyma

I hear ya. What amazes me even more is the people who make very little money buying into the idea that Obama-Biden are going to tax them!! UGH!!!

Comment by smartandfemale

I almost feel sorry for McCain, mostly because the way the media has lined up behind Obama. Even Fox News has stopped being so overtly supportive of McCain all the time.
He’s so fucked.

Comment by el

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