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Obama Winner of Third and Finale Debate
October 16, 2008, 8:54 am
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So as I’ve scrambled to read as much as I can this morning, the theme is pretty consistent.  Obama won.  McCain failed to turn the tide.  He tried to throw some good punches, but Obama clearly was expecting that and dodged them artfully.  Many viewers found it more of the same…that is McSame Gone Angry!


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My sentiments exactly, without discussing who my vote will go to I do ahve to say that Sen McCain did have a few good sound bites but overall his attack fell short of the desired mark. While he tried to rally around the terrorist link and the ACORN situation Sen. Obama was quick to bring the issue back to where it hurts the most, the ecnomy. Where he should have been riding his experience and focus to the job into the ground Sen M was trying to get Joe the plumber ad time. Where Sen O should have tried to tie his opponent to the fiasco we are now experienceing he let him off the hook so to speak by not being more aggressive in his assessment of the issues concerning schooling and healthcare. Overall it was Sen. McCains best debate but bot enough to sway the undecides and definetly not enough to bring any Obama supporters over to his side.

Comment by Ron Archer

Here’s a debate topic that we won’t see on tv anytime soon, but I think has some interesting points:

Comment by Marv

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