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Richmond or Bust
October 12, 2008, 4:54 pm
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So my friend Holly and I are off to Richmond!  We’re going to see Clinton speak and root for Obama.  As my husband snarkily said, not often you get to see Bill for free!  We’ve got shirts, signs, and buttons.  Pretty excited I was able to get a Veterans for Obama pin and bumper today! 

Hopefully it’ll be a good time.  I’ll have pics up tomorrow!!  That’s us…on our way!


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You couldn’t pay me enough to go and see BILL.. I want to throw up when I hear that name. Don’t forget …He got “IMPEACHED” !!! Just how great is that??

Comment by lizzygram

You are correct, he was impeached. He chceated on his wife, and then lied to Congress. He did however do a lot of great things. He brought us, and signed into law the Family Medical Leave Act. Many feel he was instrumental in bringing peace to Northern Ireland. And decided to invovle the US in the genocide in Yugoslavia. Americorps. I could go on, okay…I think you are getting my point.

Comment by smartandfemale

He also sent our businesses and jobs overseas. I had 8 children, without the Family Medical Leave Act….and I did just fine..So, how is this that great??
It is in my opinion..his bad deeds out did the good ones. To me, it was a disgrace to every American to use the White House for a Whore House.
I did try to get your point…but still don’t grasp it. Must be that I don’t belong to the Democratic Party, HUH???

Comment by lizzygram

Okay. Well I have one child and a mother who’s had some medical issues, so I enjoy being able to be open and honest with my employer when I need to take sick leave. Maybe you had/have an employer that is understand, but there are some that just didn’t have that option.

I don’t think you have to be a Democrat to grasp what I was trying to say. There are many Republicans that have had embarassing indiscretions as well. Newt Gingrich. Rudy Giulianni. Just to name a few. I just don’t really care. I think that’s between them and their families. I’m not judge, jury, and executioner.

Again, if you don’t find that to be compelling. Negotiating peace in Norther Ireland should be a good thing. Aiding in the stopping of a genocide should get some credit.

If not, that’s okay. That’s the GREAT thing about America. You can voice your opinion, I can voice mine!

Comment by smartandfemale

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