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Sarah Makes Claims She was in the Right

Okay, suprise suprise, Sarah “Fearmonger” Palin says she did nothing wrong.  Uh…I beg to differ.  Abuse of power is abuse of power, and this was as the Governor of Alaska.  Makes ya wonder what she is capable of if (God forbid) she is elected.


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why wouldnt anybody question a state troopers power of authority or should i say abuse abuse abuse of power when he tazzers an eleven year old boy do you have children are you a sick sadistic person of course sarah palan did the right thing i know i would feel safer with an officr of the law like him off the streets and out of uniform wasnt he also drinking on the job i hope he doesnt have to perform any high speed chases and as for her husband stricking out any husband with any amount of testosterine is going to protect his family thats just a fact she and her husband did the right thing

Comment by patricia farver


I’m not saying the trooper was a good person. I’m not defending his actions in any way. I want to be clear on that. I do however respect a chain of command. I also wonder if the trooper hadn’t been involved in a messy divorce if the good Governor Palin would have found herself so involved. I also wonder if the same could be said for her husband. My point is as Governor, or any elected position, your power should not be used as retribution against those we simply do not like. Now it’s also been alleged that the trooper was beating her sister. Do I condone that, no I absolutely do not. I would just like to see some statistics on other troopers/police that Gov. Palin investigated or insisted on firing that had nothing to do with her family.

Comment by smartandfemale

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