Smart Liberal and Female

New Hampshire, Colorado, Minnesota…Where Next?

Georgia, North Carolina, and Kentucky!! 

Georgia – I posted the other day about Saxby Chambliss and what should have been a blow out down in the deep South, but Senator Chambliss is running for his life.  His life in the Senate that is.   Now I’ll admit I am not a fan of this particular Senator for more than one reason.  Lets start with his name, Saxby.  It is stupid.  That’s right I’ll say it, STUPID!  Second of all he is the complete dirty rotten bastard that lead the attack on Max Cleland a few years ago.  You might remember Congressman Cleland, guy lost both legs and an arm in Vietnam.  Anyway, spineless nefarious Chambliss ran an attack ad on Max Cleland and needless to say Max lost a limb he didn’t have to give to American again!  So yeah…I HATE SAXBY CHAMBLISS!!!  Did I mention that young Saxby didn’t bother serving in Vietnam due to a bad knee??  Yeah too bad one of his “hobbies” is JOGGING!


North Carolina -Elizabeth Dole –   Married to Bob Dull…meant Dole…no I really didn’t!  Okay I’ll admit she’s really not too bad of a Senator in many ways.  I don’t agree with her on abortion, but she’s atleast willing to account for rape, incest, and a mother’s life.  Quite honestly if McCain wanted to pick a woman, why not Elizabeth Dole.  She’s far better than the classless hick he picked!

And finally Kentucky – Mitch McConnell – Here’s a real peach.  He’s voted against expanding health care for veterans.  He voted against expanding mental health care for veterans.  And guess what boys and girls, he voted AGAINST the GI Bill expansion.  LOSER!  Need I say more?


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