Smart Liberal and Female

He’s Black – Does it Matter?

So this has become quite the topic lately.  Everywhere you turn around someone mentions race.  Now forgive me if I should have used the term African American, I meant no offense.  What I’m struggling with is, does it matter?  Not should it matter because I think we all know the answer to that question!  Sadly that’s not even true.  It should not matter.  It shouldn’t even have to be discussed. 

I don’t know about anyone else, but I find the race question to be aggravating.  I mean seriously, why do I ever have to answer that question?  Caucasian.  What the Hell is that anyway?  And what is African American?  I mean seriously it is 2008!  If you are a citizen, you are American and that’s all you really need to know. 

How about we ask ourselves some vital questions…

     1.  Do you support a woman’s right to choose?

     2.  Do you want a cleaner earth for your children/grandchildren/future generation?

     3.  Do you support public education?

     3.  Would you like a college education to be affordable to all that want to pursue it?

     4.  Do you care if homosexuals get married?

     5.  Do you want to see progress in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Would you like to see their governments stand on their own two feet?  Bring our military home?

     6.  Do you believe the government can enrich people’s lives?  Lend a helping hand when needed?

     7.   Do you believe in regulation and monitoring of financial institutions to avoid the crisis we have today?

     8.  Do you believe that George W. Bush has taken this country in a terribly wrong direction?

Those, my friends, are the questions I ask myself, not if the next President of the United States should be black or white.


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