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Llamas for Obama Anyone?? See even the llama knows who to vote for!!

All forms of life in Colorado are out supporting the next Prez!!

All forms of life in Colorado are out supporting the next Prez!!

 A friend of mine in Colorado raises llamas that are smarter than 42% of this country!





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Mallards for the Mavericks. Catchy?

Comment by Butch Lugrod

Not really!

Comment by smartandfemale

Mallards for Mavericks? It’s as lame as that campaign is.

All pun intended.

Comment by llamalady

I love it!! Whoo hoo llamalady! Thanks for the GREAT PIC!!! Is it me or do you want to dance around singing “We’re taking back the White House and while we’re at it we’ll take a nice majority in the Senate too” Which isn’t very lyrical, but makes me very very happy. My husband would say it’s better than the song I sang the night of the VP debate, “Joe Biden is not a pussy.”

Comment by smartandfemale

Dear Friends,

We have just posted this new song, written by Emily, on youtube.
Please sing along, get inspired and of course, share it with others.

Here’s the link:


Let’s get this country moving again and get it together.

Comment by Emily Abbink

Thanks Emily. You are up! I’ve dedicated a post to your song.

Comment by smartandfemale

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