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Turning Virginia Blue

Well we are well underway to seeing it happen.  I watched Virginia elect Jim Webb to the Senate in 2006, and Mark Warner is leading his opponent by 30 points in all polls.  What’s that guys name anyway (WHO CARES!!)?  Recent headlines hint that Senator Obama may be leading Senator “I’m a loose cannon” McCain by as much as 4 percent.  These are pretty exciting times!  My Congressional District, VA-11 , hasn’t seen blue in over 40 years!  However a little known many named Gerry Connolly is leading his opponent as well. 

Whoo Hoo!

Apparently even southern Virginia is getting the message!  Here’s a spot Ralph Stanley did that is airing in SW VA right now!  Who knew I had friends that listened to blue grass??

I love it!


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Connolly is going down!

Comment by Butch Lugrod

No, no he’s not! Even though you all are spending a ton of money to hold the seat, last I checked he was winning. It’s okay sweetie, I’m sure you’ll win somewhere….MAYBE!!!


Comment by smartandfemale

Doc Hastings will still be serving the proud people of WA-4 in the next congress.

Comment by Butch Lugrod

“Doc”-who’s not a real doctor I would like to point out, not even a PhD-is worthless! He should have lost ages ago! So…you’ll keep WA-4, but you’re going to lose quite a few seats in the mean time!

Comment by smartandfemale

That’s right pookasaurus…the BLUE DOGS are coming to get you…does it give you nightmares???

Comment by smartandfemale

Sweetie, as long as I have you, nothing can every bring me down!

Comment by Butch Lugrod

That’s really sweet, but you are still losing! Kiss kiss!

For those of you reading along we’re a Carville-Matlin family…except I’m not bald and he’s not angry!

Comment by smartandfemale

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