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The Latest Round of CRAP
October 7, 2008, 7:17 pm
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I’ll be the first to admit that I do not really enjoy negative campaigning and mudslinging…but can I say that I am so glad to see Senator Obama has his big boy pants on now!

I’ve always felt that campaigns should be about issues, policy, and execution.  I hate when it becomes about the candidate so to speak.  Take for instance Bill Clinton and his affairs.  Do I care?  No.  Giuliani being on this third wife??  No again!  Or Mitt Romney and being a Mormon.  Again, do I care?  NO!  

These are my issues, and again I repeat MY issuesHealth care.  A woman’s right to choose.  Military – and not just missiles and guns-more like GI Bills, Veteran’s Health Care, and military families being able to live on their pay.  The Economy (stupid)!  Education.  Global warming (and I’ll admit I don’t know a lot, but there are some pretty smart people out there saying we are doing some real harm so what the Hell I’m on board).   

So when Sarah Palin, and hey you don’t mind if I call you Sarah do ya, starts throwing mud and misleading American people I found myself a little riled up.  Sarah decides, hey we are losing, and makes the blanket statement “Obama palls around with terrorists”.  So what does the average viewer/reader think…Oh my God, Senator Obama hangs out with Osama and gang?  Hezbolla?  Hamas?  The ETA?  Who??  Well I’m sure if you are reading this you are thinking to yourself, who who!?!

From what I’ve gathered “Sarah” was referring to a man named William Ayers…which would be one terrorist.  Or perhaps she meant William Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn – which I guess would be plural-any whoo….  Who were in fact domestic terrorists belonging to a group called the Weathermen.  Now would Bernadine be a weatherman, weatherwoman, weatherperson…haha…see this can be fun.  Needless to say they participated in the very nasty business of bombing places.  Which I would like to clearly type out I do not support nor defend in any manner. 

Okay so Ayers and company went into hiding.  In 1980 he turned himself in.  He is now a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  Apparently Senator Obama and Ayers have served on a few committees together.  Gasp-not really-but whatever.  They also live in the same neighborhood – holy crap – again not really.  And supposedly Ayers held a fund raiser in the 90’s for Obama – double crap and gasp.

So now Obama palls around with terrorists!  Of course he does.  As do all the professors, administrators and students at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  I’m not sure if you go to church with these people but according to Sarah you may be palling around with terrorists!  God forbid you bump into them in the grocers.  By the way, is this when we ask the late Reverend Falwell how Hell is??  Or perhaps ask his son to channel some energy and pray for…well a good portion of Chicago?  I mean seriously you may find yourself on the PTA with me some day and have to explain how we became friends…

So this brings me to the Obama campaign, who is fighting back!  Hip hip hooray…   You might say now wait a minute.  I thought you didn’t like nasty personal politics.  And you would be right.  I don’t.  You know what I like less than that though?  When the Democrats stick their head in the sand and pretend everything is going to be okay.  Did it work for Al Gore?  Uh, no.  Did it work for John Kerry?  Uh, no.  And don’t get me started on that bit of nastiness.  Honestly how does a veteran who serves his country get questioned by a man who doesn’t show up for guard duty about loyalty and patriotism?  UGH!! 

Sorry back to Obama.  So he’s come out with a video illustrating John McCain’s role in the Keating Five.  Pretty much deregulation, S & L scandal, and poof lots of money lost.  Make you think of anything we’ve seen recently… say a $700 billion dollar tax payer bill for Wall Street?!?  And can I just say John McCain has been supporting deregulation much like this for 20 years in the Senate??  So Senator McCain how’s deregulation working for us now? 

So here we are.  The GOP ticket starts to realize Americans aren’t buying it any more.  They are LOSING – hehe (my own little gleeful laugh).  Then Sarah throws the first dirty punch.  Senator McCain starts in as well.  And Senator Obama put his big boy pants on and fought back.  This is where sirens go off and wild cheers.  Do I like that we had to go there?  No.  Am I happy he fought back, YES!! 

So Sarah, I hope you can take what you seem to like to give.  Except wait, Senator Obama is kicking your ass with the truth not misleading fear mongering hate filled statements!


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Nice catchy blog!! Lol @ “Except wait, Senator Obama is kicking your ass with the truth not misleading fear mongering hate filled statements!”

Comment by womanofsubstance

The other MAJOR difference here that is somehow left out when I hear people comparing these two “attacks” if you will, I don’t hear anyone speak up and say, but McCain was actually INVOLVED. Obama was 8 years old and thousands of miles away. McCain went before the ethics committee. Obama was a law professor so understandably he knew others in that community in Chicago. McCain and his family went on vacation with Keating during the timeline of this scandal. And um, by the way, it’s actually relevant to the election and where things stand in our economy!!! What Obama is presenting actually happened – not a ridiculous extrapolation of a aquaintance-type relationships that had NOTHING to do with the man’s behavior from 20 years prior.

Dear God. When I heard a representative from the Republican ticket on NPR saying that Obama’s dishonorable attack was the equivalent of Sarah Palin’s nonsense and that each was totally inappropriate and unproductive, I was so angry. Not only is there someone from the ticket to say that her comments are wretched (okay, that’s my own word there but I am willing to bet that most would agree), but that person can say so knowing that the damage has been done regardless. Ohhhh grrrrrrrrr…….

Comment by Holly

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