Smart Liberal and Female

I guess if you don’t trip on the way to the podium you get a free pass….

I don’t know how many of you watched the debate, but does she really need to wink at the camera?  Are we as women so pathetic in our knowledge that we actually think using silly phrases and stupid terms we can wink our way through a vice presidential debate?

When did being smart become a hindrance to being in office?  When did we as the American voter decide that if you say things like “darn”, “maverick”, “washington outsider” you didn’t have to have the facts?!?

Why is it she can tell us she doesn’t believe in global warning and make it all okay with a smile and wink?

Since when is being folksy a replacement of knowledge?

Since when is “I’m a Joe six pack American like you” a prerequisite for running for the second highest elected position in the country?  And since when do Americans believe that someone with over $1 million and 3 homes is Joe six-pack America?!?

Okay fine.  You don’t believe in global for her and her partner.  You don’t believe in birth control for women..again you know how to vote.  You don’t believe in health care for Americans…great vote.  You believe in deregulation of the banking industry…they’re your couple…and by the way you do realize ideology like that just cost us $700 billion…and that’s if we’re lucky.

I’m a little angry today.  I’m angered by the fact that we don’t expect more than stupidity and patronizing behavior from our people running for office. And I am SUPER ANGRY about the fact that this is the woman, out of all the brilliant women in this country, that we are stuck with!!!


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