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Ah my good friends…the people who post…
October 7, 2008, 9:28 pm
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Well to my Republican friend who seemed to have all the “facts”….

Here’s what I came up with on 

“A McCain-Palin ad, in turn, blames Democrats for the mess. The ad says that the crisis “didn’t have to happen,” because legislation McCain cosponsored would have tightened regulations on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. But, the ad says, Obama “was notably silent” while Democrats killed the bill. That’s oversimplified. Republicans, who controlled the Senate at the time, did not bring the bill forward for a vote. And it’s unclear how much the legislation would have helped, as McCain signed on just two months before the housing bubble popped.

In fact, there’s ample blame to go around. Experts have cited everyone from home buyers to Wall Street, mortgage brokers to Alan Greenspan.”
See I’m not opposed to researching for the truth.  And John “I Should Be Ashamed” McCane has only recently become a champion of regulation.  Ask the telecom industry about that…or should I mention the Keating Five again?!!  Mouaahhhaahhaaahhhaaa…that’s my evil laugh in case you were unclear.
And as for disrespecting women, huh?  Yeah, I was sad to see Hillary lose.  Yeah, I wanted to see a woman in the White House.  But disrepectful to women?  WHAT?  When?  Where?  How?  Give me a quote.  And are you kidding me???
Let me guess you want to take away my birth control pills too??  Or control over my body!  Well no thanks I’ll take some more of Obama’s alleged disrespect and march myself off to the voting booth come November!






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